WHOLE 30 – DAY 30

 This is it! It is over! Three times HURRAY for us!!! We did it! We managed to complete 30 days of Super Squeaky Clean Whole30 Friendly Paleo meals without a single slip, without a cheat, without a mistake. Without second thoughts, without doubting any decision we made, AND we DID travel during our Whole30 too. We did eat outside our house, outside the comfort of our kitchen, we did eat out and we never starved. I was cooking every single day and we pretty much never had the same meal more than twice in a row. I am gonna review the whole Whole30 later of course, so let’s focus on Day 30 for now!!! :)

 My mood and energy level today was super high, I didn’t even recognize myself :D I was so happy, bubbly, glowing and all that jazz and my boyfriend was too. We were very tired for past few days, but today was excelent. Everything went fine at work, we did some grocery shopping after work, bought another pack of Rawmeo balls (our treat to celebrate Day 30). I also bought some fresh figs today, which I never tried before, and we plan to prepaire them with Practical Paleo recipe tomorrow. Can’t wait! I have one major task now – work on my spicejar labels. I am gonna post more about this project later :)

Breakfast today was easy – fried eggs with bacon, parsley and a few tomatoes. Lunch was leftover from yesterdays dinner (Mustard Glazed Chicken with Watermelon-cucumber salad). I snacked on handful of cashews and I had a small apple post workout. I just did my workout (Fast Death – BR.tv), which included LOTS of pistols. I have been practicing pistols lately a lot, so I am really good with them now. I liked this workout a lot.

For Last Supper :) I made these Chorizo Meatballs from Practical Paleo with Mixed Greens salad with tomatoes, cucumber and dressing just made of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, a bit of salt and pepper. After our dinner we had quick shower and then spoiled ourselves with our Rawmeo treats.

Now it is 9:30pm, we are nicely fed, feeling good, finished reading our Whole 30 Daily email and we each have a small bowl of salted watermelon and we are gonna watch first Ally McBeal episode. I love the show and I am happy my loved one wants to watch it with me.

Sorry for not having any pictures today…

I am tired now and lazy…

Tomorrow is another day, it is day 31 for us, because we ARE NOT DONE WITH THIS!!!




  1. Hi Nina
    are you still there?
    I’m on day 22 now, having no problems at all, I guess I was eating pretty clean before this. I really miss my piece of gum I always had as I came into work, goofy eh?
    there were all these pastries at work the other day, and frankly they disgusted me, & watching everyone scarf them down ewww
    no one in my family is eating this way with me so house is full of stuff I’m not supposed to eat but it doesn’t bug me at all, in fact I’m sitting a couple feet away from about 50 or 60 fundraising chocolates my children are supposed to be selling! nothing!
    my only “cheat” has been bacon as I guess it is hard to find bacon without sugar in it. I have been eating mostly bacon from the farmer and as there are no labels I don’t know if they put sugar or not.
    hope you are doing well!

    • Hi Tee!!!
      I am here! Congrats on your 24 days now! :))) We both did perfect 40 days, so it was a Whole40 for us! Then we had a gluten free wurst and some rice with lunch, so we didn’t cheat THAT much, but it was not Whole30 friendly anymore. Glad we extended it for 10 days. We had a messy weekend last week (we did one day of crappy choices and were very sick the next day, haha), but we are still on a clean paleo diet, except that one messy day. I am in bed now, I have a sore throat and really don’t know why. Maybe it is because it is getting colder and I still sleep with my windows open and do not dress very much… haha… I neglected my blog since day 30 and I really have to write a Whole40 review and a lot of other stuff… I gotta write something soon :D
      Hope you are doing well too!!!! I am so proud of you, being this strong!!! YAY for you!!!

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