Hello! :) You might noticed some changes on the site, mainly how it looks :) Well, here is a short story about how and why it happened and what is about to come in a near future on your favorite blog (here) :D

When I decided to leave my old domain and migrate to, I wanted to create my own owl logo, that would be my and only mine and I wanted to draw it myself. However, I CAN’T DRAW. So I decided to steal it. I browsed a lot of websites that sell logos (like, to find a perfect owl I could recreate. I did. It was kinda cute, but I was not 100% happy about it, because IT WAS NOT MY OWN CREATION, it was just a little “upgraded” version of picture somebody else created and was selling, which basically made me feel like an uncreative thief.

People liked it, and I did too at the beginning, but still there was this little sneaky voice inside my head saying “MAKE YOUR OWN GIRL, YOU DID THIS FOR A LIVING!!!”

One day I just grabbed a paper and pencil and started drawing. Once again, I CAN’T DRAW. I don’t know why I was thinking I can create a perfect owl logo for myself without actually being able to draw a regular owl. Below are some pictures of what was born that night. You can see I can’t draw and I really had no idea what I was doing.

Later that night I finally did it. I was not able to let go of that pencil and paper before I was done. The vision in my head was very clear, but I was not able to tranfer it on the paper for HOURS. That night I also had some owl dreams.

I wanted to create a very simple, yet cute and elegant logo of an owl. I googled a lot of owl pictures for inspiration, but not a single one touched me. Then I created the finalist. This one will lead you through my world from now on. Meet The Paleo Owl! :)

With new logo I had to come up with a new design, so the whole site is in my opinion now more elegant and “grown up” looking and more friendly to the eye without too much color (that orange was a bit punchy), I really like it this way. Three “categories” still remain the same, they are only renamed to COOKING (recipes), TRAINING (good old workout log) and BLOGGING (all other posts, paleo or nonpaleo). I made these cool featured images for every workout type I do (upper body, lower body, total body, abs or cardio), so it is easy for me and you to see which type of a workout I do (helpful if you are coming to find an inspiration for your training). There WILL BE MORE RECIPES, more reviews and more posts overall, I promise. I am in a good life phase right now, having so much to talk about, so much to share and so much to study. I am currently working on my first batch of homemade Kombucha and there will for sure be a blogpost about it as well. I have a several new cookbooks to review and new recipes to try. I will share it all. The new Paleo Owl deserves more attention :))

  • Jos

    You could draw!! :D I don’t get why you said you couldn’t draw?? Good job with the new logo btw :)

    • Nina_CZ

      Awww, thanks Jos, I was just doodling a bit :D Glad you like it, I love my new Owl too :)))