So I am back. Yay. (sarcasm)

Did anyone miss me? :) To be absolutely honest, it was the BEST WEEK EVER. It was just like the old times – no Facebook, no youtube, no nothing. I did deal with some e-mailing, which was necessary (to make longer story short, DPD driver stole my package with FCLO and I had to deal with that, results are that I received the package and the driver is fired). I also admit that I used one website, which I will mention later. Other than that, I was strictly offline and it was not a problem for me at all. Not even at work, even though I was pretty clueless about what to do with my lunchbreak time after meal :D (so I was just reading…) Also, I posted one picture on Instagram because I was so excited about getting my FCLO after such a dramatic journey.

At home I didn’t miss my PC at all, I almost never turned it up, if I did, it was because of Skyping with my mom (yes, I did that and forgot to say it in a previous post that I will do), or watching a movie (regular TV program sucks anyway…). My phone was strictly used for texting and phonecalls (and gtalking with my boyfriend and one day even Indre).

During the week I came to a few realizations that absolutely changed my perspective on things. First of all – I CAN TOTALLY LIVE WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA. If I wan’t, I can deactivate my FB account without second guessing it. I can stop putting pictures on, sharing quotes and poking friends. Will I? Nope. Will I keep minimizing my FB time from now on? YES!!! It so opened my eyes! I remember when I first started my FB profile after reading an article in Reflex magazine (it was actually the first time I ever heard/read about Facebook), and how pointless it seemed to me. Making virtual friendships and putting them above the real life ones, (Look, Annie Thorisdottir accepted my friend request, its so awesome, she is my friend now, omg, I don’t care that it’s my cousins birthday now that I have ANNIE IN MY FRIENDS LIST!!!) the constant urge to share every silly picture you like with everybody else, the need to like stuff just so other people see you like them… When these distractions disappeared from my life, I was finally able to FOCUS on what’s really important. Suddently all the pictures of ripped abs and toned butts disappeared, no paleo treats were lurking from my wall, making me go home and eat the whole chocolate bar or a jar of almond butter, no “this and that” challenge making me wanna join and obviously fail whatever I was doing before. Suddenly all that really mattered was REAL LIFE, real issues, real problems, real “what we are gonna eat tonight?” questions, real people and real discussions.

When I didn’t see all those distractions, I lived way happier and more peaceful life. I wasn’t comparing myself to anyone (oh, I wanna abs like that, I wish I could have them…), I wasn’t crying over not having things (why can’t I buy a ice-cream maker/donut maker/Blendtec???), I didn’t crave any “paleo treats” (Uh, these almond cookies by Paleo Parents look really good, and they have just a few ingredients, I am gonna make them tonight and eat the whole tray), and I didn’t feel like I NEED TO CONSTANTLY IMPROVE or prove myself to someone. I am perfect as I am, I am ME (who is cooler than that, right?), my life is real and a number of Facebook friends does NOT define me! I didn’t “abandon” anyone with not being online, it was all about ME and not anyone else. I didn’t feel bad for not talking to people I usually chat with every day, I didn’t feel like I am gonna die if I don’t read that message right now, I didn’t feel like I owe someone an answer or a blogpost or a picture of my dinner. My life was FINALLY just mine and I was in a control of everything. I could go to bed without feeling that I need to finish this post, watch one more video, reply to one more message. I could wake up without immediatelly reaching for my phone to check those e-mails. I could live without the mish-mash of different fitness and nutrition strategies in my head.

I know this may sound like a bit overreaction going on (I tend to see things worse than they really are), but honestly, I felt FREEDOM. Like I unplugged myself from the internet, not my phone and computer. Like I unplugged my brain from all the nonsense that is out there and only left the good things, the important things and learned to live in the offline world again.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how bad our situation is with being dependent on the internet or gadgets. For example my boyfriend is constantly checking time on his phone. He NEEDS to know what time it is. Buy him a wristwatch and he is cursed forever – he would not stop looking at it. At the beginning I thought he is nervous because I saw him doing it like twice every minute. Then I thought he is expecting a message or something. He had to explain to me that he just needs to know what time it is. It is not anything serious, but sometimes it does annoy me and him as well. And I believe there are some people in the world that constantly need to check their Facebook status, their e-mail or twitter or pinterest board or I don’t know what else it out there. Thank The Maker I never got Tamagochi :D

Before doing this experiment I had no idea how really bad addict I was. Now I do know and I am glad I disconnected myself for the week, because doing that, I actually connected with my life again. It only did good for me. I will for sure stay away from social media and other online services for as much as possible. I won’t be a slave of my Facebook profile or my phone. These things should work for US, not the other way around. And sometimes you need to ditch them for a short period of time to actually realize the “problem.” Maybe you do not have the same problem as I had, but if nothing else, it’s a fun experience and I recommened everyone to try it at least once, while you still can!

Coming up – What amazing website I was visiting here and there during the week and I do not regret it a bit??? You will have to wait a bit more to find out ;) I will give you just a tiny clue: it has something to do with paleo nutrition, fitness and online coaching…

  • sedindriuke

    Glad you had different experience – natural experience which is now a luxury more or less. Miss you and you know it! :D

  • Malia4uru

    Hi Nina, I got your message on my blog, what a lovely surprise! You can still contact me by the same email address malia4uru. I had to create a Disqus account to comment here, so there is also that. ♥