So what I’ve been up to lately? There is a particular thing that got my attention and I kinda can’t believe I was living without it for so long :D That being the EPLifeFit website.

You know I love paleo oriented podcasts and I already listened to all Balanced Bites, The Paleo View, many Robb Wolf’s episodes, some Jimmy Moore’s episodes, random chats from Paleo Hacks and Fat Burning Man… I like them all and I enjoy even when they have an interesting guest on the show, but usually there is something missing in those interviews, something that would really touch me and make me say “HELL YEAH!!!” I agree with most of the stuff they say, I am not the biggest fan of Robb Wolf’s show, as he is a little too technical and geeky for my liking (I like things a little bit more simple for me to understand), and Diane with Liz on Balanced Bites show brings me just that. But lately I lost connection even with this podcast, even they started to sound a little too complicated. I like digging into paleo science and I really enjoy fitness side of the story.

I was aware of the Everyday Paleo podcast existence, I have Everyday Paleo and Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook (this one currently at home of my colleague, so I can’t really sleep well at night), but I never payed attention to the website or the podcast itself. When I run out of Balanced Bites episodes two weeks ago and was really tired of all the chats about kids on The Paleo View (don’t get me wrong, I love both ladies, I love kids, I just don’t have any and I wanna look for the information that would be more applicable on ME. Not that I am being selfish, I am just looking for an approach that would agree with my own more than anything else. I like many bloggers online, but I can’t always say that I agree with all of them in everything. For example, my number one website that I will ALWAYS refer to as the best source of info is Whole9Life by Hartwigs. They believe in self-experimenting but they also have a science to back up their statements. They have a unique approach towards sugar. (Sugar = sugar = sugar). There is not a single thing I would not like about them (maybe I am biased because I met them in person and Melissa told me I am cute, hahaha). On the other side there is Diane Sanfilippo and her 21 Day Sugar Detox – I love the concept of the program, but I do not like the fact that she supports “treats” along the way, as long as they are no-sugar/low-carb/21DSD-friendly, in my opinion this way you can deal with the “Physical Sugar Dragon,” but not with the “Mental” one (and more dangerous). Other sites are full of treats (PaleoMom, Paleo Parents), which is great for some people, but not for ME. I love paleo treats to the point where I can eat the whole cake just because it’s labeled “paleo” and feel okay about it because “it’s technically paleo.” Hartwigs’ approach makes me more mentaly “paleo.” It makes me more connected to the whole idea.

Once again, I love podcasts, and for the longest time I was sad that there is no “Whole9 Show” out there. Of course, Dallas and Melissa appeared in a few shows as guests, but you can count these on one hand (maybe two and I just didn’t find them all). When I saw Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness icon in my iTunes, I decided to give it a try. I never heard a single episode before, so I had no idea what to expect (will I like their voices? will it be easy to follow? will I like their style of humor? WILL THERE BE ANY INFO I NEVER GOT BEFORE???). I randomly picked some of the most recent episodes (I think it was 50 or 51) and plugged my earphones in (new ones, my old Sennheisers got broken, booo, I had to buy a temporary cheaper earphones because I can’t afford new Sennheisers now – by the time you are reading this, the new earphones are ALSO broken and I am using my boyfriend’s spare Sennheisers before I buy a new one, NEVER MORE CHEAP EARPHONES) and expected SOMETHING.

What I got was not what I expected. And I say it in a good way. First of all, the fact that Sarah and Jason are female and male give this show a unique twist. They are both parents, but they are also both trainers, paleo eaters and they know their stuff. Sarah knows what works for women (me, me!) and Jason adds stuff that is more useful to men (exactly what I need when trying to get info for my boyfriend), even though Jason trains many many women. They each have their own perspective on things, but they together make an amazing couple to listen to. (They are not a couple in love though, just in case you didn’t know). What you get with their podcast is not just random information you can google or read pretty much on every paleo/primal oriented blog. You get REAL INFO for real people. You get questions answered, you get knowledge on how to apply XYZ solution to your own life in different conditions and different options. Most of all, what I take from these people is their amazing attitude towards life in general. Whatever Jason says is a pearl. He is such a smart and opinionated guy, it gives me shivers sometimes. All I can do when he speaks is just nod and agree and SMILE. Stuff they talk about is stuff that I am interested in and they even got me interested in more. I was dragged into the EPLifeFit community without even realizing it. Because I was offline the whole week, I had enough time to listen to all podcast episodes they have (I think I still have like 5 left…), and every day I was so thankful that I found them and a little regretful that I didn’t find them earlier on my paleo journey. I could be in a completely different spot by now. But I guess things happen for a reason and they happen in a right time (as I discovered a while ago).

I feel personally touched by the work of these two amazing people and I can’t stop raving about them online or at home. My boyfriend probably must be sick from all the “Jason says…” he hears almost daily. I decided to give the payed membership a try too, which is currently 20 dollars a month and you can cancel any time you want. What you get with this is a) access to forum full of great info, b) access to an ultimate workout guide with new workouts every other day, videos of proper exercises forms and the best thing ever – personal “training.” You film yourself doing certain exercises “from given angles), upload them on youtube and post them in a private post on forum (nobody will see that except you and moderators) and one of the amazing trainers on the site will watch those, evaluate your moves and gives you a feedback on what are you doing wrong, how to change it, what to look for. This is in my opinion amazing service. I trust those people and I have no other person like that around to go to in person and discuss my movements. You don’t have to do that, but it is highly recommended before you start doing any program they offer (especially the heavy lift rotation and especially if you never lifter before). All I know I learned online from youtube videos, “online trainers” like Zuzana, Marianne Kane, Nia Shanks.. but I never ever had my form criticized by someone. I always thought I was doing good, I focus on form more than on time or number of reps, which I think also prevents me from hurting myself during a workout. I am glad I was able to get my movements judged by a pro, and (yay!!!) I passed my own test. My deadlift and kettlebell swing were evaluated as “great” and other exercises “good.” The only thing I have to focus on is my weaker right knee, which tends to turn inwards and struggle during squats, especially with weighted squats, so now I know what I have to work on, get better and later send new videos to see if I improved! I think this is really amazing thing to have available.

Workouts you get with the EPLIFEFIT subscription are nothing fancy, nothing complicated and there is no “fat burning cardio” or “leg toning session” involved. What you get is just warm up, heavy lifting part, metcon part and stretching + mobility work. You learn how to warm up, how to stretch your muscles and how to improve your mobility to be able to enjoy the range of motion your joints are supposed to have. There is a template for the heavy lift rotation in which you determinate the amount of weight you should be working with, and this really depends on each person’s fitness level. The description of everything is very clear, easy to understand and often includes a video explanation. You can (but you don’t have to) share your workout log on the forum (many people do), as well as keep a food log. That is actually pretty helpful. You can read others’ to get an idea about how an average paleo day of an average paleo eater looks like. You don’t have to join the forum at all if you don’t like it, but I recommend doing so. People in the community are friendly, helpful and always ready to support you, which is great especially if you do not have a good support system at home. I do use a forum as a food log and training log mostly, but I also like to read about other people’s stories.

For 20 bucks a month I think the membership is pretty reasonable and worth the money. I was subscribed to ZGym for a month and I think it is a necessity for a hardcore fans of Z, otherwise you are not in touch with her work at all. With EPLF membership, you get an access to your “virtual gym” where YOU create the environment, YOU create your PRs you wanna beat next time, and you get REAL HELP if you need to. In my opinion it is worth it, and I will stay a subscriber.

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  • tee_w

    Sounds good Nina, so is it 3 workouts a week, about how long are they?

    • http://www.paleoowl.com/ Nina_CZ

      Tee, they post workout every other day, because everyone works on different days. I stick to Monday + Wednesday + Friday for workouts, so I always have a rest day between workouts, which is highly recommended. Too long I was living in a mental state that MORE = BETTER and I was working out every day for 20-30 minutes with more cardio to get the most sweat out :D tooooo long. So having a day off still seems to me like waste of time, but I believe in the process, so I will keep doing it this way. The warmup is not longer than 5 minutes, there are 3 different warmups and you just cycle through them. The heavy lifting part length depends really on you, if you wanna take longer breaks between sets, do so. The metcon parts are designed to be maximum of 10-15 minutes, not longer, then some stretching for 5-10, some mobility. You can skip the metcon if you want to, the heavy lift rotation and mobility work are the very key here. I usually fit in 30-40 minutes with the whole training session, which I think is great :)

  • tee_w

    So, you are not doing this anymore? I joined for this month anyway for $5, checking out the mobility videos, John is a hunk! LOL I don’t really get why they say crossfit is bad as this is pretty close to what I did at crossfit in the summer except they only do 3 sets of the heavy lift and a lot of the time we did more like 5 sets or 3 of this & 3 of that & then a metcon for usually between 10-20 min & ending with mobility. The crossfit sites online that I have followed are also similar. I am enjoying poking around in the site but so far not convinced I will stay subscribed, will see how it goes!

    • http://www.paleoowl.com/ Nina_CZ

      Of course I am doing this still! I only put my workouts in the log on the EPLifeFit forum. They don’t say crossfit is bad, but all crossfit gyms are not the same, every gym has its own “rules” and I agree with Jason that doing such an intense workouts 5 times a week is NOT good, and doing 15-20 minute metcons of cardio workouts is INSANE.

      • tee_w

        Ha ha, I have listened to all their podcasts, Jason is not a big fan of most crossfit! Lol I keep hearing about these bad ones but I haven’t experienced them yet (though the crossfit main page puts a crazy metcon every day!) I guess I haven’t found this “log” yet but I meant that you are doing your old workouts that you designed not this one that they put up, or do you do yours for the lifting and then do their metcon? I’ll keep searching, seen your name a couple times in there! Lol It feels a little safe as I know someone there! Lol

        • http://www.paleoowl.com/ Nina_CZ

          Well, I think that he is not a fan of most crossfit gyms simply because most crossfit gym do not do what he stands for. And I do believe the things he stands for 100%. If you wanna go to his gym in Oregon, you can’t go there every day. He does not “allow” his clients to go there more than 3 times a week. Most gyms and crossfit gyms offer an unlimited membership and you can go there every single day if you feel like it. Of course, if you feel fine in the gym, you work with fun people, you enjoy the experience, you wanna go there every day, because it’s fun and you love it there. But people often forget about the recovery! Even if you do not feel sore the next day, you still should get some rest in between. You can “feel fine,” but your hormones can be saying something completely different, which might not show up immediatelly, but can build up slowly and cause you issues later, overtraining, adrenal fatigue…

          I was doing the workouts provided on the website until last week, this week I started doing my own old lifting workouts, because I do not have very heavy weights and I don’t have access to the gym now, so there was no progress for me, doing just one lift each day with the same amount of weight over and over again, and by doing my old workouts I can target more muscles and I don’t feel bad about not increasing my weights. I add 4 minutes of tabata at the end of my workouts 2 times a week, and once snow is gone, I will start also adding sprints instead, so it is now 3 workouts a week (total body without tabata, upper body with tabata or sprint, lower body with tabata or sprint). If I feel like I need a change, I can easily go pick some workout Jason is posting every other day. It’s not about that you HAVE TO DO THESE WORKOUTS EXACTLY THE WAY HE SAYS, it is about following a guideline, avoiding long chronic cardio, avoiding overtraining, listening to your body but also don’t put any stress on your body even though you think you can workout every day. You can, you are capable, but it is not a good idea if you are trying to achieve peak health and performance. Same goes with running. It is not good for the body, even though it might be pretty relaxing for the brains (as I know some people LOVE to run because they “free their minds” and stuff like that). I 100% trust Jason. I strongly recommend reading his book if you haven’t done that yet :) Most answers are in there :)))

  • tee_w

    Oh & where do you put your workouts now? Your log?

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