MY 2014 PLAN

Well, thanks 2013, it was fun.

If you ask me about some really defining moment of 2013, I don’t really know what to say. Good things happened, bad things happened, just like every other year. I am the same weight, same height, same mindset as I was at the end of 2012. I live 500 km further and I am a year older. I just found out I will be an aunt in summer and I will be attending my little brother’s wedding in May. I lost my illusions about how easy it is for me to find a job. I did found a GREAT place in the end where I am really enjoying spending 8 hours a day. I started fasting every day for 16 hours. I started training with kettlebells, started lifting weights, stopped eating birth control and got acne again. I did read many books and I bought even more books. I expanded my Paleo Cookbooks collection to the point where I have no room for other books. I moved very far away from home just to learn that I wanna move back next year. I learned how to save money. I tasted beef heart for the first time. I got an iPod. I learned to shut up even when I scream inside. I decided to write a book and started working on it. I got a beautiful pre-engagement ring from my boyfriend for Christmas and I turned at least 3 people to paleo-ish type of a diet. I found a few fabulous people via Facebook that now contribute to my well being with their posts and comments. I dyed my hair with henna and I ditched ALL chemicals from my skincare/makeup routine. I bought The Skintervention Guide and use it as a bible now. I found Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness community and am a proud follower of Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib. I stayed commited to my health and fitness. I found Steph at (I can’t believe I was not already following her!!!).

Nothing major. Nothing groundbreaking. That is STILL about to come in 2014. :)

I don’t like the word “resolution,” because I think it’s silly. You don’t need a new year to start to be doing things, right? If you are serious about stuff, do it NOW! Don’t wait for January 1st (or next monday, or next summer…) to start working on things you are passionate about. Your time is NOW. Today is tomorrow. This morning is the best day. Tomorrow might be already late. (Okay, this really goes about my favorite “it’s never too late,” but you get the point…) So, when I say “new year’s resolutions,” I actually mean PLANS FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS. Not because it’s a new year, but because I do plan things for myself quite often and I stick to my plans when I write them down, post them online or pin them to my notice board above my desk. In the past I tended to plan too many things at once and then failed (usually in all of the the tasks), but since I found my “rhythm” and I learned a few things about myself, I master my own life-planning quite well. And for 2014, I have a few good ones prepaired ;)

Of course starting a year with a diet challenge is a little cliché, but when it comes to Whole30, it’s already a regular part of my game and I do this several times a year. I would like to do at least 3 rounds in 2014, and the first one is starting on January 1st. My last round in November 2013 was amazing, probably the best one to date, and I want the upcoming one to be even better. Combining it a little bit with 21DSD (in a way that I will only be allowed bananas and green apples from a fruit section, simply because I am a fruit overeater and I already know that without fruit I a) perform well, b) meet my fatloss goals way better and c) can still live even though I think I can’t). Plus, Melissa and Dallas are launching a brand new Whole9Life website in January, so I am super excited for that! I have a special feelings for the couple, because you know, I met them.. (yeah, I know you are sick and tired of me still talking about that, but hey, it was a major moment in my life, so I assure you I will talk about it for ever!!!) Recently they teamed up with Stephanie Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo and they are running the Whole Athlete seminars together (too bad I will never be able to attend any of these, unless I win a lottery, then I am buying one way ticket to US, haha). Actually that is how I discovered Steph. Whole30 brings so much joy into my life :D

For a while I stick to 3 workouts a week (I wasn’t really active for the past two weeks with my crazy work schedule and then Christmas holidays), and this really fits into my lifestyle the best. I get enough rest and recovery, I work on a different lift every day, I add my short metcons if I feel like it and I am feeling stronger than ever (and I do gain muscle mass as far as I can see). With this scheme – 3 workouts a week (doesn’t matter if it’s Mo+Wed+Fri or Tue+Thu+Sat or even Wed+Fri+Sun), I would get a total of 156 workouts a year, which to me seems like a surprisingly small number (or not?). I think it’s very doable and I am looking forward to crossing days away from my calendar (or sticking stickers or whatever I will do to count my 156 workouts…) I would also like to add more extra yoga classes (at home of course), because in the past it really helped me with flexibility and I stopped purely for laziness reasons :(

The Skintervention Guide by Liz Wolfe ( is not a new favorite of mine (here and here), and it still sits at the top of my bookshelf as I keep going back to it and read it (it is sold as a pdf, but I printed it out, that is why it sits on my bookshelf as well as in my android tablet). Taking this guide really seriously is one of the best things I recently did, because my skin…. oooooooooooh my skin!!! (Okay, right now it’s a mess, after a gluten and simple sugar extravaganza during Christmas Holidays. And I am paying for that!) All those precious oils I am using are like magic healing potions for my skin, I am enjoying experimenting with them, trying new ones, reading about their effects and the most of all – seeing the magic they can make with my skin/hair. With no effort, a little money, no chemicals, just a little patience, my skin is healthy, bright, glowy, even, acne free (not right now, but that is entirely my fault), my nails are strong, my hair is shiny and silky (thanks, henna!). You ARE what you eat, so if you eat crap, prepare to look like crap. Right now my jawline and cheeks are “perfect” reflection of how I was eating for the past 4 days. You can tell just from looking at my face that I was NOT gluten free this Christmas. Another nail in gluten’s coffin in my book. In 2014 I wanna kick out the last thing that is remaining in my makeup/skincare/hygiene regime, and that is toothpaste. I did try the baking soda and coconut oil, but I just can’t stand it, and I am too busy (=aka lazy) to make my own mixture of whatever I can google instead. So I will be opting for some pre-made tooth care (probably OraWellness or some Primal Life Organics solution). Also the product I wanna try as an addition to what I already have and use religiously is a Vintage Tradition’s tallow balm (currently out of stock as I am writting this, hopefully available soon). In short, I am staying crap free inside and out.

I read books since I was 4 (really), and recently I read more than ever. Many amazing paleo/primal oriented books came out in 2013 (cookbooks and textbooks) and I also found some new fiction authors I wanna check out (Robert Merle for example, old stuff, but GOOOOOOD STUFF). I got a few books for Christmas (incl. most wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger bio!), so I have enough reading in my bookshelf and in my Kindle. The one thing I am looking forward the most in 2014 is Liz Wolfe’s book. Liz was supposed to release a book titled Modern Cave Girl in late 2013, but so and so happened and Modern Cave Girl became Eat The Yolks and is releasing in February 2014, gonna be an early birthday present for me! Many many will be released in 2014, like Slim Palate cookbook, Sarah Fragoso’s Thai Cuisine cookbook or Paleo Kitchen by George Bryant (Civilized Cavemen) and Juli Bauer (PaleOMG). Also there were some hints on the internet that Paleo Parents are working on another book! (Hope it’s all MEAT!!!) My lastest gem (and a final kick in my butt to start seriously working on my own little book) is Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo – Food For Humans cookbook. (Mine is NOT gonna be a cookbook, at least I am not considering it right now, but who knows, maybe I will be following Liz Wolfe’s example and work on it longer than I expect!). I have all the passion to start and finish this project of mine, but I am not giving myself a deadline. I will be going through some major geographic changes and job switching AGAIN in late 2014, so until then I might be pretty busy. But the basic outline is already forming (and not just in my head, ha!) and I would be HAPPY if I can get it out before my 30th birthday. It IS going to happen. Much more is going to happen! Also, I was about to review a few cookbooks I got over the year, but as I already mentioned I don’t ever review a cookbook without trying enough recipes from it, and I really didn’t try enough from all of them to be able to write proper review (of course I believe all meals from WellFed2 are amazing!). Also, I wanted to include a recipe with each review with pictures, and I am not able to do this right now. So all that will come later in 2014 too.

My blog is here to stay! :) I planned more recipes and I also planned blogging in two languages, which may sound pretty easy, but in fact it’s HELL A LOT OF WORK! I can’t take food pictures where I live now to post recipes (boring explaining “why” would be a waste of your time and mine), but in a search for a new apartment in later 2014, BIG BRIGHT WINDOWED KITCHEN will be my no.1 priority. I can live without a bathtub and I can perfectly survive in 10th floor without and elevator, but I MUST-HAVE-GOOD-KITCHEN!!! With a window! (I think you did never see kitchen as dark and stupidly organized as the one I currently have to use. But I am grateful to be able to cook somewhere at least!) I wanna start focusing on real paleo topics on my blog, not just random brain farts and random thoughts. Basically what I would like to do is write in english the same stuff I will be putting in the book in czech. So my blog will basically be a reflection of my book, only in different language. That way I will always have stuff to post for foreign readers and I will still be working on my side project for “my people.” Win-win for ALL! :D I know I am not some kind of famous blogger, foodie, paleo authority ;) but I am so influenced by many in many different ways that I developed my own take on things and I really wanna share it. There are many food blogs already, no need for another posts on how to make Chocolate Chili ;) but I still firmly believe that people like to read about different approaches from different people, people they can relate to. I can’t relate to most paleo bloggers, who do all this for living and don’t have to go to work every morning, or to others who have kids, even though I love to read about their lives and I appreciate the effort they make to put all the information out there for us to absorb. And even though I would LOVE to get some kind of certification in nutrition and get more education in this area, it is still a music of the future and I still have to deal with a full time job standing in the way :) I like what I do now, I enjoy it, but it is not even something I went to school for and certainly not something I would label as “The Dream Job.” But it makes me some good money to buy food and live a decent life, so I am not complaining, even though I have a bigger vision. Something I recently read in Nom Nom Paleo’s cookbook – It is not a “dream” if you can do it, it’s a PLAN. And I DO believe that my dreams ARE really PLANS.

See, there are no resolutions like “lose 10kg,” “don’t eat any sugar” or “get my abs showing.” That is not what I am going for. I am marching towards perfect health step by step, physical and mental health, every day is a new step for me and every day I learn. Let’s hope 2014 only has positive lessons prepared for me!

Have a safe rest of the 2013 and see you again next year!!!



      • Let me know when it comes out! If it has pictures even better! Lol I might be able to kind of read it, I kind of can read Russian, they are slightly similar lol. Still won’t know what it means but wouldn’t it be a great coffee table book to start conversations!

        • Haha, thanks, Tee :D I am not gonna say when it will be out, because life is crazy now and will be even more crazy in like 6 months, but I believe 2015 it might be done ;) I don’t really have time now and I don’t need more stress in my life at the moment, so I am “saving” the writting times for the time when I know I will be able to dedicate more time to it (in summer when I will be searching for a new job, so I might be jobless for a little while).

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