I think the time has come to the point where I am really happy and confident with sharing my before and after pictures. I am on my paleo life journey for 3 years now, and a lot of things changed in my life. I evolved from “doing a paleo diet” to “living a paleo lifestyle,” so these results are NOT just done in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, bedroom, my home-gym and inside my head. I am particularly proud of these results, and on my way to achieve this type of success, I was influenced by a few people. My “holy grail” peeps are listed below:

First of all Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso. The work they both do is extremely valuable to me and I highly recommend everyone to check their podcast, and their website, join the community and change your life forever. I absolutely believe in their approach and I believe it is worth learning more about if you don’t already follow them. Make sure you also take a look at Sarah’s website, where you can find some of the most amazing recipes, as well as Jason’s incredible posts!

Second of all, Liz Wolfe. Her Skintervention Guide completely changed my mindset about skincare and pale nutrition as a way to heal myself also from the outside. I can’t wait for her new book Eat the yolks to be released, because it’s gonna be EPIC!!!

Last but not least, Tatianna Karmanova, the body and spirit behind LovingFit. She is no paleo person, and I do not follow her workouts (I did though), but her work in the “mindset area” inspired me so much! I never thought I am a spiritual person and I think I was fighting against it, trying way too hard to prove that things like meditation, spirituality, energy are way too “hippie” for my rational mind, and I am too cool to be interested in this universe thing. I am thankful to know Tati, because she taught me the exact opposite – we are all spiritual creatures, how we deal with that is the other thing.

So let’s take a look on my before and after.


See how sad and uhealthy the first picture looks? And how dramatic the changes are in the after picture? You can notice that I still have quite an ass in both of them, but my attitude towards it is different.

What? Not what you expected? What did you think you will see, my bikini pictures? Why? Results of “diets” are now measured purely by how the person LOOKS after certain period of time. But I am not on a quest for a dream body, I am on a quest to achieve peak health. No amount of visible abs, no butt size and definitely NO NUMBER ON A SCALE can speak about how healthy you are inside. If I have to drag my big butt along with me for the rest of my life, so be it, I am gonna embrace it! These pictures are much more important for me than any fantastic bikini shot of the best looking body!

If you have a right mindset, you get my point, and you understand that these are the only pictures you need to see in order to understand what paleo does for your body, and that this is what you should go for. If you don’t understand WHY I DID THIS, you really need to get Jason’s book The Paleo Coach. and join the EpLifeFit community. I learned a lot from the guy, promoting his work everywhere I go is my way of saying THANK YOU MAN, I owe you.

I can absolutely promise you that by following this lifestyle in all it’s aspects (diet, fitness, sleep…) will bring you the same results as I got. And who knows, somewhere during your paleo journey, you might get, as Sarah Fragoso says, “HEALTHY BY CHOICE, HOT BY AN ACCIDENT.”

  • Deb


    • Nina_CZ

      Thank you, Deb! :) I can’t beat yours though… :D

  • Tatianna

    I’m loving your before and after! Thank you for your kind words sweetie, so happy to know that I’ve helped and inspired you. You have inspired me in many many ways – Thank you <3

    • Nina_CZ

      You know there is just something about you that is dragging my towards you and I always understand SO WELL all the things you talk about in you talkology videos and I can so relate… I am glad this is mutual :) and I will do my best to keep inspiring! :D