Hello everybody! How is your Whole30 going? I suppose you are confident and strong now with your food choices and you feel fantastic! If not yet, trust me, you will get there, it will happen, as long as you stay strong, true to yourself and to the process, you will feel the magic, I promise!

But let’s talk about something else today. Let’s tackle The Fruit question. Because this one is sometimes difficult to get, hard to understand and for me hard to handle. Of course there is no reason for a healthy human being to exclude fruit from a diet, especially the yummy local stuff you grow on your own garden. But the truth is that sugar in fruit is STILL SUGAR, and that is how we should treat it and be responsible with it.

A few days ago I saw a comment under a video about real food diet on Youtube, saying: “Sugar is only bad for you when it’s mixed with fats. Fruit with lots of sugar won’t make you fat.” That one made me chuckle, and also made me realize how twisted informations people get. It was actually not the girl’s fault, the society and media probably made her think this way. I’ve heard and read many silly opinions like this, but never this one. You can read nonsenses like this in many magazines for women. The “three week fruit detox,” “the grapefruit diet,” “the pineapple fat melting week.” I know that. My grandma buys these magazines (mostly for the crossword puzzles), and my future mom in law reads it FOR THIS PARTICULAR TYPE OF INFORMATION, which breaks my heart. I am in her house all time (cause we live with them), she has all the info from me about real food, whole food, paleo/primal eating, about how evil gluten is, what does sugar do and why fat isn’t making you fat. She KNOWS all this from me, we gave her Wheat Belly to read, Cordain’s book to read, yet she still is looking for “the easy way to get skinny” via these magazines, diet teas (yes, she is able to eat the 300g bar of chocolate and THEN drink a cup of “diet tea” and thinking THIS IS WHAT WILL MAKE HER SKINNY) and all fad diets in the media world. It really does break my heart, but there is nothing else I can do. She has all the info, but yet she is not using it, and that is her choice, not mine. You can imagine how hard it must be for me to live in this kind of environment, with two people constantly filling their bellies with bdonuts, cookies, bagels, bread, beer and then one complaining about being fat and second having memory issues. Sad. Need to get out of there ASAP in order to keep my sanity.

Sorry for being off topic a little bit again, but I take these posts as an entries in my personal journal, so I might get a little too personal from time to time.

Anyway, this is what I was not gonna talk about :)
With Whole30 almost over, it is time to think about “what’s next.” I don’t wanna do the whole reintroduction, because I already know that GLUTEN = HELL NO, and DAIRY = sometimes fine (for ME), and I don’t wanna put my intestines through the horrible process of “are-you-tolerant-to-this-crap?” But in order to meet my fitness and health goals, I need to get rid of one thing that is currently ALMOST under my control, which is SUGAR. Yes, still the big old and ugly Sugar Dragon. When it comes to refined sugar, sweeteners like honey or maple syrup (I don’t to agave or stevia, yuck!) I am FINE and I don’t need to sweeten anything in order to be able to consume it, like I used to (4 tbsp of sugar in my tea was normal like 6 years ago), so I am fine in that field. But still I struggle with fruit consumption. I know I should be treating fruit like an occasional thing, like a desert, like a fuel, but I have to admit (mostly to myself) that I don’t, I eat a lot of fruit in the afternoon and I don’t even put it in my foodlog, because it is consumed AFTER I do my logs for the day and the next day I simply don’t go back to writting it down. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I just feel bad about it. It is no big deal, I know, but I have GOAL and RESOLUTIONS, and I wanna practice what I preach, otherwise I would not be able to look me in the eye and say: “good job girl, you do exactly as you should and you inspire people to do the same.”

Fruit IS my comfort food. Bananas, apples, oranges… those are the ones I consume most often. And not just one serving a day. I can make a fruit serving as big as my lunch and dinner combined. And I never feel TOO bad, because “it’s fruit.” I know I should not be eating so much of it. It is not hurting me in any way, but it slows me down on my journey. I know that without it, my progress would be so much faster and everytime I realize this, I look back and I think about how much further I could be if I really sticked to no-fruit “challenge,” something like fruitless Whole30.

I wanna make a theme for each month in 2014. January is a Whole30 month (obviously, starting a year the best possible way), so February will be my fruitless month! A few servings a week is pretty much okay, but a few servings EACH DAY, even on the days when I don’t workout, eating fruit as a main course, eating JUST FRUIT for breakfast, that is not a good habit and I have to “control it before it gets out of control.” :) Of course fruit if full of valuable nutrients, vitamins, fiber etc., but I agree that there is nothing in fruit that is not found in veggies, and I eat plenty of veggies. Some fruit like avocado (yep, it’s a fruit) and lemons or limes have pretty low sugar content, but who would eat plain lemons for snack, right? :D Let’s just stay away from all the sweet stuff, okay? Let’s find comfort in steaming bowl of chili or mug of hot bone broth instead. ;) Let’s put fruit on a “moderation” list and keep it there. But for the month of February, let’s get rid of it and see.

This is a personal experiment. I don’t recommend anyone trying it along with me, but I welcome if you join and share your thoughts and opinions. 



  1. I actually was planning to do this, no fruit, once what i have is gone, but avocado is staying LOL. If we think about it our ancestors would of only had access to fruit mostly in summer and they probably gorged on it to put weight on for winter. We really should eat more in season, i have to find a printout of what is in season for around here and try to stick more to it!

    • We buy fruit every week, my boyfriend loves it, usually just bananas, apples and oranges. In season we eat every different fruit possible, haha, mostly berries (we love them and we grow our own, so we know they are “organic” haha), but I do tend to overeat.. Last year one night I ate like 1kg of grapes, I was soooo sick!!! :D I can eat fruit all day, but it is not good for my goals :D Starting my Fruitless month in two days, yay! :D

      • Shouldn’t be too hard for me since I don’t like much fruit, & most doesn’t like me back. Might have a little banana as i make cookies & banana bread for my sons & i will eat them if they are going to go bad, hate seeing them waste food! Especially if I spent time I don’t have cooking it! Lol hopefully they manage to eat what is made & we coordinate the freezing of the rest! Lol though for some reason been craving berries this month? Weird for me!

  2. It’s been such a loooooooong time that I haven’t had any fruits in my pantry. Well being in keto (and now currently doing CKD = cyclic ketogenic diet), fruits are still out of from my pantry and just like you, I am a big fan of fruit. One small serving of fruit won’t justify me at all. so for me it’s best to just stay away from them. So far I’m doing good and my sugar craving totally diminished and I don’t crave sweet stuff that often anymore.

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