stew Here we come with another recipe :) As you may know, I received Gather cookbook a while ago, and only tried two basic „recipes“ (Deviled Eggs and Cucumber Salmon Bites). I really wanna give this book a good review on Amazon but I honestly can’t do it before properly trying at least a few recipes, and especially some „more difficult“ ones, something better than a salad or a hardboiled egg :)

My favorite menu from the book so far is Spooky Supper, a Halloween themed menu that includes several desserts and THIS THING – BEEF HEART STEW. I have never ever eeeeeeeeeever before used a beef heart or any other heart, in fact I have never even SEEN a beef heart before, so this was kinda… spooky :D But I decided to challenge myself and try a new protein source, which is kinda inexpensive and neglected in the kitchen I believe. I bough TWO, because they are really cheap, so I have a backup in a freezer now that I know how to use it. It is a beautiful clean lean piece of meat!

I have to say that my recipe is NOT exactly like the one in Gather, because I kinda missed the fact that they use TWO KINDS OF MEAT in the recipe (beef heart and London broil) and I only had a heart. Also, I didn’t have beef tallow, so I used duck fat. And last thing, I only used one pot for this, not an extra skillet and extra Dutch oven (didn’t even know what that is until I googled it..)

So my version of this wonderful and really tasty dish goes like this:

One Beef Heart, chopped into pieces
Carrots, I used the same amount of carrots as I had the heart (didn’t weight it…), chopped into pieces
3 medium onions, chopped into pieces
2 tablespoons of duck fat
1 cup of red wine
salt to taste
2-3 cups bone broth (that is the thing in „Rote Bete“ jar, it is chicken+beef)
2 tablespoons arrowroot flour

Heat up the duck fat in the pot and add meat and cook until slightly brown.

Once it is browned from all sides, take the meat out of the pot and replace it with carrots and onion, saute again until the onion softens.

Once your onion is pretty soft, add your meat back in the pot and mix.

Pour in a cup of red wine. Turn to medium heat and pour in the broth, just enough to cover the meat.

Turn the heat just to simmer the stew and cook for 4 hours. 20 minutes before it is done, throw in the arrowroot flour to thicken the sauce. (I probably should have used less, it thickened A LOT, but I like it this way, even though it looks like a dog food now).

Serve and eat. Yum. Just YUM.

I like to make stews, this one is DELICIOUS because of the broth, meat and love I prepared it with :)) My boyfriend loved the sauce AND the meat, which I was a little worried about, because he doesn’t really like unknown food :) I am glad we both like it, I believe that beef heart will stay in our diet from now on, since it REALLY is a great, tasty, healthy and inexpensive source of protein :)))

I also made a No’tato salad from Gather today (recipe coming soon…), will be making Eyeballs and Meatsauce (the same Spooky Supper menu, obviously) and Chicken Chili this week, next week I will bake Biscotti, Lemon cake AND some muffins. After that, I think I will be ready to give Gather a proper honest review on Amazon :)))

So far so good! :)



  1. Wow, that’s one huge piece of meat :) and so neatly chopped :) Have you bought a bottle of wine just for this occasion? Where did the rest go? :D

    • Ha, Vita :D I forgot to take the picture of the whole heart before chopping it :( but I will, next time :D I made sure my cuts are pretty, haha :)))
      We didn’t buy a bottle of wine, parents did (I asked them if they have red wine and if I can get a cup, they didn’t have, but they bought to enjoy in the evening), we never drink :)) I am pretty sure they emptied the bottle that night :))
      I will try making it next time without the winet to see how much different it will be. I never cooked with wine before, and as an abstainer with bad alcohol history I refuse to spend money on alcohol, even if its just for cooking. The only exception I think will be the VODKA I will buy to make a vanilla and peppermint extracts :)))

      • Oh girls you are quick :)
        I like to cook with wine when I have. For stew just or risotto (but i do not cook it as you know now :))

        I would love to find here some harts here. How is the texture of meat while you eat?

  2. Just found this recipe thanks to Google, it sounds great, always wanted to try out more organ meat recipes, can’t wait to give it a go! :)

    Do you possibly have any tips or recipes for the bone broth by any chance?

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