My search for a perfect paleo shampoo seems neverending. Classic no’poo (baking soda + ACV) didn’t seem to work very well (or I was too unpatient to wait over the adjustment period), the Dr. Bronner’s soap do the cleaning job pretty good but still leave my hair kinda greasy and matte (same results as no’poo), and I get shivers by just THINKING about using a regular shampoo again, just to get me out of the ponytail and frustration. Ponytail or braided hair is now my everyday hairstyle, because I just didn’t find the gold mine yet.

January 13th 2014

I received my Morrocco Method order (shipping only took 6 days!) today. I did a lot of reading before I ordered, and of course I was not ready (or able to) spend 95 dollars on a shampoo set without knowing how well it will work with my hair. So I opted for a Travel Set of all 5 of their shampoos, made with 5 elements in mind – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether. They say on the website that it is best to use all five and rotate them everytime you wash your hair. Each bottle is just 60ml, but with my frequency of hairwashing (2 times a week the most), these might last me for a while. You are supposed to dilute them with water, which made it last you even longer. I guess I can live like 3-4 months with this travel kit and by the end of that period, I should know if it works or not.

Again, I did a lot of reading. I learned that shampooing your hair TWICE is not just a sales technique on how to sell you more shampoo, but there is a reason behind it. With first wash you get rid of the excess oil, dirt, sebum on your hair and scalp and with second wash, you actually allow all the nutrients from the product to be absorbed in your clean skin and hair. I also learned that the „detoxing period“ (the CRAPPY TIME when your hair is either super dry and unmanagable or, like in my case, very gresy, oily, matte, heavy and impossible to be worn without a hairband) may last for even a few months!!! That scared me, but I decided to be tough and NOT GIVE UP ON THE SHAMPOOS. The Travel Set is 25 dollars, which is not that much money for a really good product you get, but still, it is an expense I can’t just „throw out of the window.“ But of course, I NEED to wash my hair from time to time, and with no’poo out of the game and regular drugstore shampoos on a NO-NO list, I had to invest some money. If it DOES really work, I will save money and buy the full size set, because again, with my hairwashing frequency, it will last me FOREVER (okay, not forever, but I am pretty confident it can last me like 8-10 months, which is NOT THAT BAD).

Morrocco Method is pretty well known in paleo skincare area, Liz Wolfe uses it and also Sarah Balantyne – The Paleo Mom is a big fan of this brand. Their products (they don’t just do shampoos) are unique blends of plants and clays along with minerals, all their stuff is natural, raw, vegan and gluten free. I will just be focusing on shampoos now, since these are the ones I use (I will be trying their henna soon, too, and if it all works well, I wanna look into other products they offer).

January 16th 2014

Their shampoos look like MUD. Really. Thick mud, with herbal earthy scents (not unpleasant though). They are very concentrated, so you should use them mixed with water in abour 50%-50% ratio. This way it is also easier to spread the shampoo through all your hair and scalp. If you have a looong hair like me, you might know that with regular no’poo, it’s sometimes a problem. I use a bit more water though, I wanna make sure it gets EVERYWHERE I need it. Morrocco Method shampoos do not lather – don’t let this turn you off. I think people in general think that LATHER means that the product. The more it lathers, the better (not just with shampoo, also with bubble bath stuff or dishwashing soaps). But of course, it is not true at all. Lather has nothing to do with cleaning properties of the product, it just looks and feels good. (Nothing sounds more relaxing to me than a tub full of creamy fluffy bubbles!!! And all the dishwasher ads with tons of dirty plates covered in even more fluffy bubbles, meh…) All you need to pay attention to with MM shampoos is to get it all over your scalp and hair. I use a plastic squeeze bottle to mix my shampoo and then apply the liquid all over my scalp and through my hair. I actually prefer washing my hair with shower (we don’t have a shower but a tub, so I have to just stand, bendover and shower my head upside down) and sometimes I do wash it in a tub. But whatever the case may be, make sure you a) wash twice and b) rinse well. They recommend the 2nd rinse being done with cool water instead of warm. I do as they say. So far, as I am writting this, I used the shampoo 3 times (rotating through all 5, so I didn’t use all of them yet). My hair is still greasy, heavy and not cute, but I am staying strong and will keep doing this until the end of the detoxing period. I learned that this is a temporary stage and it means that all the chemical buildup that was created on your hair and scalp over the long years of using crappy chemical shampoos, conditioners, styling products, drugstore hairdyes, is now gradually releasing and is grabbing on to your hair before it is gone for good. You really have to be patient here and be ready to spend a few weeks with boring ponytail hairstyle, before the detox period is over. It can take a week, it can take a month, it can even take four months. It is a very individual thing, and I really suggest you STAY STRONG in the process and don’t give up on your hair.

So to begin the process, I decided to rotate my shampoos with this key: Ether -> Water -> Air -> Earth -> Fire. Just randomly picked it this way. Of course, when you wanna be über precise, you can look up MM Lunar Chart and wash your hair with that chart. It is pretty interesting and I might wanna look more into it later.

January 20th 2014

So I started on January 14th with Ether Shampoo. I didn’t use a lot of shampoo and I did wash it twice, as recommended. Same thing on January 16th and January 18th, with Water and Air shampoos. In all three cases, I ended up with the same hair as I had with no’poo – matte, greasy and heavy. Not pretty.

Today, on Monday, January 20th I used shampoo no.4 – Earth – the muddiest of all and voilá – my hair is perfect! It is soft, not oily at all. It is not completely dry as I am writting this, but I know it already „does something,“ way sooner than I expected. I am very happy about it! I will see how will my hair look once it is all dry and how it will look tomorrow :) But yay, it is WORKING!!! I think my detox period might be shorter just because I am using all kinds of no’poo methods for a while now, even though I used a regular shampoo from time to time just because I really „craved“ that fresh hair feeling. I hope it really will work as a whole set, not just this one Earth shampoo. But either way, it will still be great, I might be buying just this one shampoo instead of a whole set if it does not work like a set. We will see in the next round. I still have Fire shampoo to use later this week and my Round 1 will be complete, yay!

January 24th 2014

So last night I finished my 1st MM round by using a Fire Shampoo. I am done with all five elements, it took me 10 days to go through them, just because I washed every other day and not just 2 times a week as I usually do. It was only because my hair was so vaxy for the first week and I NEEDED to wash it just to feel better. (And I got really tired of greasy ponytail). Today my hair is very close to what I expected. I will keep washing with Morrocco Method until I run out of the Travel Set, but I will then order a new one (I can wait 6 days for it to get here…). I will now go back to my regular washing 2 times a week to see how long can I keep my hair nice without washing it. I was really expecting the detox period to be way longer, but I think the fact that I was no’poo before and only used the regular shampoo like 3 times for the past 3 months really helped the process. I didn’t have much to detox from, as my diet is clean and my skincare/haircare is clean too. I don’t use any styling products, I threw them all away the day I learned about the ingredients in them, didn’t matter to me that I payed for them, I just don’t see myself using them knowing what’s inside. To me it is the same like eating all the non-paleo gluten sugary processed crap before going strict paleo, just because you feel bad about throwing away all that food you payed for with your own money. You know it’s poison, that is why you wanna stop eating it, so WHY not just throwing it away instead of eating it all so it’s GONE for your Whole30, Sugar Detox etc… Same for me is with cosmetics – I didn’t throw all my make-up away, I sold it. I had a lot of high end products (including Urban Decay Naked Palette I now regret getting rid of, but that’s just life…) and I didn’t wanna just throw them away, so I wrapped it all in a box and sold to the first girl that was interested. There was a Tarte eyeshadow palette, the limited edition for True Blood. Sigh. Tarte isn’t really a bad brand, but I said to myself: GET IT ALL OUT OF THE HOUSE! I remember how happy I was when I bought this limited edition thing and how little I was using it because I wanted it to last me for as long as possible, haha. All that while still having TONS of eyeshadow palettes. Duh, I am so glad this period of time is over for me :D

So this was my first round of a Morrocco Method 5 Elements Shampoo rotation, and I can tell it DOES WORK for my hair and scalp. For further results, I will have to test them for longer period of time, so I might wanna get back to you with this probably after using up the whole set or so. So far I would really recommend these shampoos for all the people who do care about putting the right stuff into and on your body. If you don’t eat crap, don’t rub crap on your skin. If you don’t rub crap on your skin, you can’t expect having a healthy exterior if you still put crap inside. I am NOT sure how well would these products work for someone without a clean diet, but I think it would be a waste of money in that case. These products are not cheap (at least for me) and I think without a proper eating habits, they would not work as great, even though they would have some benefits, that is for sure. You know what I mean? Dial your diet FIRST. Then you will see you really don’t need makeup to cover your pimples, because you will not have any. Then you will see you really don’t need that Dior cream, because your skin is glowing and all you might wanna use it a touch of coconut oil or tallow balm. Your hair may be shiny with your favorite Schauma shampoo, but it’s NOT your hair – it’s all the silicones, plastics and other „enhancers“ in the product. Your REAL HAIR reveals itself if you let it. And you can definitely help it by using Morrocco Method shampoos. You just need PATIENCE and TRUST.



  1. Morrocco Method

    A wonderful, honest review! We absolutely love how you talked about the detox and the importance of INNER health (diet!) being an important factor to healthy hair.

    1. Nina_CZ

      Thank you so much for reading! :) I just received my package with your Dark Brown henna today, so I will be doing a review on that too soon (once I use it of course), but before that I wanna give your amazing shampoos a little more time :) Love them, will use them, will promote them all the way :)

  2. tee_w

    Interesting! Was thinking about looking into this brand, haven’t changed any shampoos yet (get through my own business, dilemma lol). Funny I was just listening to Not Just Paleo podcast from last year where Evan was interviewing Sarah Balantyne and she had said she used NoPoo method and rarely even washed her hair and hadn’t washed it for months. Wonder why she stopped hmmm?

    1. Nina_CZ

      Why she stopped washing her hair? With regular shampoos? I guess it is because SHAMPOOS SUCK :D My hair is extreeeeeemely beautiful today btw, and I washed it on Sunday, which means 3 days ago and I don’t see myself washing it again until like Thursday or maybe even Friday. I used to have very oily hair before going paleo, so I had to wash every other day. With paleo it changed a lot (not just hair, but skin too), but now with MM shampoos, I can finally see what a beautiful hair looks like, and it’s certainly NOT the whole plasticy glossy thing you can see in Schwarzkopf commercials :D

      1. tee_w

        No last year at this time she was doing nopoo and hadn’t even washed her hair in months, so was wondering why she stopped that and switched to washing again with MM?
        So its going good with MM? Cool!

        1. Nina_CZ

          I would have to listen to that so I could understand what you are talking about :D With no’poo or MM it is not really „washing“ like conventional thinking sees „washing,“ so maybe she was saying she is not washing with regular shampoo for a few months? :D I don’t know, I might wanna listen to that first :D

          1. tee_w

            Ya she said that she had only washed her hair once in months (I though she said 8!) because they had had a bonfire and she washed the smoke smell out of it! I was quite shocked! It was #54 Jan 8th/2013. Not Just Paleo podcast with Evan Brand? That was crazy! Didn’t know a person could go that long and not wash their hair, & she said it looked great too!

          2. Nina_CZ

            I recently saw a post somewhere, I think Steph on Stupid Easy Paleo shared it on FB, it was about a lady who didn’t wash her hair for years, just doing some rinses weekly, and people really made some nasty comments about it… :( But I think it’s awesome :)))

  3. Metla

    I am just wondering about one thing (later on). We are experimenting with no’poo, actually my GF is pass that moment and she will not return to shampoo side, I just did try it and seems it is a lot better. Well I have usually quite short hair and usually don’t wash it more than twice a week, but don’t like it, especially under artificial light, it looks all the time greasy. But will do definitely some change…
    I am not totally against MM, might be ok, although exchanging something that works for me for something more pricy and with proly same results is not valuable experience for me … but might give it a try though.
    My questions are – because of the sebum distribution, your hair (especially when it is long). needs to be brushed, aight? I noticed some time ago you did buy some special comb with wildboar hair, same kind of stuff we got for my GF. So I would stress out, that without combing is part of the effect lost anyways, or not?
    And second thing, what about dandruff? I have quite oily skin and except one shampoo that I am using for years, it kind of becomes quite bad. Not sure how the no’poo or MM will work with that, although I sense, the way it is mixed with clay, spread on scalp it might actually help. Well I can look for it, try whatever, but still rather want to hear some experience from people I know first.

    1. Nina_CZ

      Hi Metluš, thanks for asking! I am actually writing a post on this in czech for my new site (coming soon), so I will expand on this topic A LOT in the future, will make sure you get the link once it is done. Congrats on your no’poo experiments! The AVC+soda no’poo didn’t work for me (or I didn’t give it much time). So I use MM shampoos for AMAZING results, they are very expensive, but they last a long time and if you are a „100% crap free“ geek like me, you might love it.
      My boyfriend has short hair (you can see on FB pictures) and also oily and also very dandruffy (although I believe his scalp issue is not dandruff, but some kind of scalp psoriasis, which can be caused by autoimmune issues or stress, both of which is possible for my boy). He uses Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap as a shampoo (can be bought on, they have a few different types and bottle sizes, you can also purchase the sample sizes, we use the tea tree one, it is quite helpful for oily hair).
      I bought a boar bristle brush also on, the small one, but it is too small for me, so I will be giving it to my boy and will buy a bigger one. I highly recommend it even for short hair. I believe standard brush (without natural bristles) works too with sebum distribution. I had a wooden one, it worked but it was very hard to clean it. The boar bristle one is easy to wash, doesn’t electrify the hair and really makes them shiny and silky and naturally glossy. My boyfriend never combs his hair though, so I can’t tell that the effect is for shorter hair, but I suggest you to try and see :)
      If you wanna try some MM products for dandruff, I can recommend the CHI Shampoo (one of the five, you don’t really need the whole set of five, I only have two and alternate them), this one is very helpful for dandruff, but of course, it needs some time to adjust.

  4. SDubbs

    Did you use the MM conditioners at all? I’m thinking of trying MM and I wanted to know if it was worth it to also get the conditioner sample as well, or if just the shampoo works fine without a conditioner? Thanks!

  5. Aga

    I got few questions regarding your experience.
    I am using MM shampoos on and off for about a year. On and off because I do use mix of oils on my hair one time a week which means that I need to wash my hair with regular shampoo after :/
    The last 2 weeks I started to use MM only. I pre-mixed my shampoo in 1:5 ratio (1 shampoo/ 5 water). Despite this while washing I still had to mix the shampoo more.
    I love the smell of it, and the clean feel after washing, but the only problem I have is that when my hair dry up they feel heavy, and after brushing my brush is covert in white, sticky dust. I hate that.
    Now Im not sure if this is the detox period. I don’t think it could be the wrong mix of shampoo as it is first done in 1:5 ratio and than mixed even more.
    I will just add that I was washing my hair one time a week with regular shampoo and never used any styling products, only 100% natural oils.
    Did you have similar issues with that white sticky dust/clay making your hair feeling heavy?

  6. Sloane

    With using MM can you still using regular styling products.. i.e. hairspray, mouses, gels, and such?? What would you recommend?

    1. Nina Post author

      Hello Sloane, I am sorry, but I do not use any styling products… I didn’t even try MM styling stuff, so I can’t be helpful here :)

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