This is my honest review of Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe.

Liz is a nutritional therapy practitioner, blogger on (previously, dedicated homesteader, bad cook (in her own words) and my secret girl crush for quite a while. She is funny, friendly, charming and beautiful, her personality is very similar to mine and I secretly wish we were real life friends :D

I discovered her a while ago via Balanced Bites podcast, a show she records every week with Diane Sanfilippo (author of Practical Paleo, 21 Day Sugar Detox book and cookbook, blogger on Even though I have all of Diane’s book, (they ARE awesome for sure) I never became a huge fan of hers (sorry… just a personal preference, you can’t really love everybody, right?), but I totally ADORE Liz from the beginning.


Liz Wolfe. Hot Chick. :)

When I found out that she is about to write a book, it was near the beginning of my paleo journey and I was not interested that much, but as I was learning more about her, read her Skintervention Guide, followed her blogs and was slowly falling in love with this young lady with the best hair in paleo (says Stacy and Sarah on The Paleo View and I can only agree, haha), I knew I HAVE TO GET HER BOOK. It was supposed to be called Modern Cavegirl back then and it took her AGES to release. People were unpatiently waiting for it to come out, yet for some reason Liz was delaying it more and more and slowly stopped talking about it completely. And I am SO GLAD the Modern Cavegirl was thrown out of the table! Because Eat The Yolks, ladies and gentlemen, is a true reflection of what Liz and her passion is about.

As she mentioned herself, Modern Cavegirl was suppose to be the book that would sell well, so she was writing it to meet the expectations of others, while completely losing herself in it and at the end, she didn’t like the outcome at all. So she basically killed the Modern Cavegirl in order to present a book that is true, honest and really herself. That book IS Liz.

If you follow her for a while, you know exactly what I mean by that. That book IS Liz, you can see her personality on every page, you can hear her in your head while reading (she is working on an audio book, so soon you will be able to really hear her), the book is full of her typical pop culture references and stuff you can only get when you are equally „mentally disabled“ like she is (and I mean it in a good way!!!).

Liz has a special ability to turn the dense information into a fun read. Of course, there are people out there who read scientific studies as a hobby and find them fascinating or even entertaining, but that is not everyone (certainly not me!) and Liz can really strike these people with her work. Somehow she makes serious nerdy stuff so approachable it’s crazy. She is pouring real life fun analogies out of her sleeve, while still keeping the seriousness (because she talks about some very serious stuff in the book!). She knows her science very well, those are not just „one girl’s opinions on life, universe and everything,“ each one of her remarks is backed up with solid science and you can tell she really did all the hard work of making sure everything she talks about holds water. She left no space for doubts, every question you ever had about nutrition is answered in Eat The Yolks.

Book itself is divided into 4 chapters – Protein, Fat, Carbs and Nutrients. But those HUUUUUUUUUGE chapters doesn’t just say what-it-is and how-to-get-it and why-is-it-important. If it does, it would be a pretty short book! Every chapter gets into greatest details about myths, history, evolution, science and honest truth about the food 1) we were told to eat, 2) we actually eat and 3) we are supposed to eat (and these really are three different things). Lies we’ve been literally fed our whole lives are crushed under the fist of truth and research Liz presents. She did a ton of fantastic research while writing the book, she looked into a lot of amazing resources and wrapped it all up under the title Eat The Yolks. The title basically represents the fact, that what we’ve been told for decades from doctors, journalists (cough) and self proclaimed experts is NOT true, never was true and never will be, and we should eat egg yolks, animal protein, animal fat and some raw dairy (if we tolerate it). We should not let companies that are only interested in cashing out on our health (well, better say sickness) to control our lives and our health. We should not believe a magazine articles about soy being the ultimate health food, while a) soy hasn’t even been a food a few decades ago and b) JOURNALIST wrote that article, not a doctor or scientist. Considering all the stuff you can google now, everyone should call himself and „expert“ and write about nutrition. (Duh!)

Liz really did a great job with this book. I am happy to be adding it to my list of The most important books I’ve ever read. If you wanna get science, facts, sarcasms, pop culture references and many many great quotes to share on your FB feed, make sure you get the book and read it. Also, have a highlighting marker close to you when you read it, you WILL need it, trust me. Here is my most favorite quote from the book:


Buy Eat The Yolks now on Amazon (hardcover or Kindle version) or BookDepository (free shipping!) and keep your eyes peeled for an audiobook version of this, I for sure will! Visit also Liz’s blog for more fun updates on her life, her bad cooking :D and her Facebook page for more awesomeness (including cute pictures of her goats!)



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